Why Do 1031 Investors Choose DST Properties Over Traditional NNN Properties?

Many clients that have been interested in doing a 1031 exchange into a NNN property find the DST 1031 property particularly attractive. These same clients often think that the only way for them to become passive owners of real estate is to purchase a NNN leased property; however, they often are very skeptical about placing such a large amount of … Read More

DST 1031 Properties – The Basics

By Dwight Kay A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is an entity that is used to hold title to investment real estate. In some ways, this is similar to how a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can hold title to real estate; however, unlike an LLC, a DST 1031 property will qualify as “like kind” exchange replacement property for a 1031 exchange. … Read More

Why You Should Consider Deferring Your Capital Gains Taxes

The basics: If you own investment real estate—that means a rental condo or home, apartment building, a commercial building, raw or vacant land or otherwise—you do not have to pay taxes when you sell the property. Uncle Sam has had section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code in place since 1921. Also known as a 1031 exchange, this provision allows … Read More

Thoughts on Senior Care

At Kay Properties, we are very focused on reducing risk wherever possible. We all know that all real estate investments contain the risk of a loss of investment capital and that cash flow and appreciation are not guaranteed. One of the ways that we can help to reduce risk for our clients is by rejecting the higher risk asset classes … Read More

DST 1031 Property Due Diligence

One of the many things that sets Kay Properties and Investments apart from others is our extensive due diligence on DST 1031 properties. At Kay Properties and Investments, we’re different than others—not just different in that we have participated in over $7 billion dollars of DST properties; not just different in that we have offices in Los Angeles, New York, … Read More

Location, Location, Location: 11 Reasons Why We Like Richmond

Richmond is the state capital of Virginia. City Data reports that Richmond’s population has grown 10.1% since 2000. The Richmond Metropolitan area has an estimated population of 1,234,058. The Interstate-95 runs through Richmond and carries over 140,000 vehicles through the city each day. US News and World Report ranked Richmond the 28th best place to live. Named one of the … Read More

Who Is Who – The Roles of DST Industry Players

Many investors find it hard to keep the players in the DST 1031 industry straight in their minds. Who is the sponsor, the broker dealer, and the registered representative? This article seeks to answer these questions and provide a background for potential DST 1031 investors on “who is who.” The role of the DST sponsor company is to locate potential … Read More

1031 Exchange Fundamentals

By: Dwight Kay, Founder – Kay Properties and Investments, LLC IRC Section 1031 provides that “No gain or loss shall be recognized on the exchange of property held for productive use in a trade or business, or for investment purposes if such property is exchanged solely for property of like-kind, which is to be held for productive use in trade … Read More

Four Reasons Why 1031 DST Exchanges are Growing in Popularity

Deferral of Capital Gains Tax- This is the primary reason why real estate investors use 1031 exchanges. After selling a real estate property, investing in a like-kind property allows the owner to defer their capital gains tax. One DST benefits that has caught the industry’s attention is their prepackaged structure. This allows investors to close DST business deals in potentially … Read More