DST as a Cash Investment Vehicle

Many of our clients have purchased DST properties as purely discretionary cash investments, even though they are not in a 1031 exchange. The reasons why investors will do this are many. Two of the main reasons that we will see are: Clients that have exchanged with us into DST 1031 properties over the years will purchase DST properties as a … Read More

Why You Should Consider All-Cash/Debt-Free DST Properties for Your 1031 Exchange

No risk of a lender foreclosure…. Ever. No refinancing risk. Flexibility to hold through any potential market downturns, credit crunches, recessions and/or depressions. Provides 1031 investors the ability to diversify a portion of their exchange dollars into an all-cash/debt-free property in an effort to lower potential risk. Eliminates the risk of taking on equal or greater debt in future 1031 … Read More