DST as a Cash Investment Vehicle

Many of our clients have purchased DST properties as purely discretionary cash investments, even though they are not in a 1031 exchange. The reasons why investors will do this are many. Two of the main reasons that we will see are: Clients that have exchanged with us into DST 1031 properties over the years will purchase DST properties as a … Read More

Investment Alternatives

High net worth, accredited investors may be looking for an investment that is an alternative to traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. Such investors may want to consider investing in one of Kay Properties and Investments, LLC DST offerings. These investment offerings are designed to potentially provide a stream of rental income and/or distributions, tax benefits and … Read More

Why You Should Consider All-Cash/Debt-Free DST Properties for Your 1031 Exchange

No risk of a lender foreclosure…. Ever. No refinancing risk. Flexibility to hold through any potential market downturns, credit crunches, recessions and/or depressions. Provides 1031 investors the ability to diversify a portion of their exchange dollars into an all-cash/debt-free property in an effort to lower potential risk. Eliminates the risk of taking on equal or greater debt in future 1031 … Read More