Why Do 1031 Investors Choose DST Properties Over Traditional NNN Properties?

Many clients that have been interested in doing a 1031 exchange into a NNN property find the DST 1031 property particularly attractive. These same clients often think that the only way for them to become passive owners of real estate is to purchase a NNN leased property; however, they often are very skeptical about placing such a large amount of … Read More

Location, Location, Location: 11 Reasons Why We Like Richmond

Richmond is the state capital of Virginia. City Data reports that Richmond’s population has grown 10.1% since 2000. The Richmond Metropolitan area has an estimated population of 1,234,058. The Interstate-95 runs through Richmond and carries over 140,000 vehicles through the city each day. US News and World Report ranked Richmond the 28th best place to live. Named one of the … Read More